—VISUAL NETS— / 2013

Our view of the world is getting more complicated every day.

As more as we getting closer to a society ordered by data, we missing things that can‘t be count. The problem of information today is a lack of emotions and soul. Today through TV and computer we take part in demonstrations, wars, revolutions and other events. And this changes everything. Furthermore condition of extreme speed leaves no time to wait. I was thinking about globalization and today`s life full of information and especially my personal view of reality. Everyday we read and get more and more news. From the one side it‘s special knowledge, but from the other there are limits of perception, after that it get‘s to be informational blindness.

About this is my project.

29/06/2013  Media installation at Art Festival “Whispers and Cries” in Museum of Nonconformist art, Art Centre Pushkinskaya 10, St. Petersburg

06-10/2014   Manifesta Biennial 10, Parallel Program, Exhibition “Magnetic Field”, Rizzordi Art Foundation, St. Petersburg  www.paralleleventsm10.ru/exhibitors14
















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